Vlasna Style Birthday: Elegance and Love of Natalia Vlasyuk

Recently, the wonderful person and talented Ukrainian designer Natalia Vlasyuk celebrated her birthday. For her anniversary, she gathered the dearest people — her family and close friends. All guests noted the kind heart and sensitivity of the birthday girl and wished her inspiration, true success, and prosperity. Each greeting began with gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ended with wishes for Peace and Victory!

“On my birthday, I received an incredible number of greetings. Friends called and wrote to me from different countries of the world. I heard so many warm words and beautiful greetings that touched me deeply. I am sincerely grateful for every greeting. I am immensely thankful to my family and friends who shared this day with me!” — Natalia Vlasyuk shared on social networks.

On Instagram, friends and relatives of the birthday girl left many greetings:

  • Happy Birthday, Natalia! Health, happiness, joy, love, inspiration, luck, and success, well-being, peace!
  • Happy Birthday, Natalia! Health, happiness, joy, love, inspiration, luck, and success, well-being, peace! Our beauty!!! Happy Birthday!! Be happy, little flower!!! Peace in the country, joy in the soul, love in the heart! Strong health and the fulfillment of dreams, aspirations, hopes!! May everything be good in the family!!!
  • Congratulations! Victory in everything, be loved and healthy.

The designer did not stop her production for a day during the war, continuing to work and provide jobs. Natalia Vlasyuk has been supporting various charitable and social projects for many years, and her entire family has been donating tirelessly during the war.

The Vlasna brand has existed for over 10 years. The designer and founder of the brand, Natalia Vlasyuk, is the winner of many competitions for designers. A particular pride is the victory in an international competition in Rome in 2015. The best Vlasna design collections were also presented in Slovakia and Canada. In Ukraine, the brand’s collections can be purchased in showrooms in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Odessa. Vlasna design has been showcasing its collections at Odessa Fashion Day for many years. Natalia Vlasyuk constantly participates in the “Vsi. Svoi” markets, where she has a large circle of fans and regular customers.

All brand products are made in a single copy. Each item is individual and unique, with maximum attention to detail. VLASNA clothing is a unique cut and exclusive styles, it is elegance and aesthetics, quality, and natural fabrics. By purchasing even one item — you will become a connoisseur of the VLASNA brand forever!

Of course, among Natalia’s friends, there are also fans of VLASNA, and for the celebration, they chose dresses from her brand. The birthday girl also impressed all guests with outfits of her own design.

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