Eromin Store Birthday: Friendship, Love, and the New Winter Collection

On November 15th, the Ukrainian brand of sea hats, Eromin Store, celebrated its second birthday. The celebration took place in the brand’s renovated showroom, where the new collection of hats was also presented.

Famous influencers, stylists, and clients, who have become true friends of the brand, came to congratulate the Eromin Store team.

No celebration is complete without gifts, so each guest was awaited by a package with presents from Eromin Store and partners. A special surprise was an eco-friendly keychain. It is made of eco-fur, which the brand uses for sewing hats. Also added was a pendant made of recycled plastic in the shape of a sea hat. Now a piece of Eromin Store will always be close to the brand’s friends.

The party was dominated by a true atmosphere of friendship and love for one another. These are the main principles of the brand. To do everything with an open heart and love for adventure and hats.

The new collection presented at the showroom opening included winter hats made of eco-fur, mittens, and mini bags. The entire set is made in one style to immediately meet the need for winter accessories. The set is created in black and milky colors, making it a universal completion of any look.

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