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The “Odessa Fashion Day” projects and other related events are cultural and humanitarian initiatives of the city, which began in 2009. These events are aimed at supporting and promoting domestic fashion brands in the local market of Odessa and other regions of Ukraine.

Traditionally, the projects gather a large number of fashion enthusiasts from Odessa, bloggers, influencers, retail representatives, journalists, and potential brand clients from all over Ukraine.

Within the framework of ‘Odessa Fashion Day’ and seasonal events, ‘Fashion Shopping Place’ is organized – a shopping area featuring Ukrainian designers and project partners.

“Odessa Fashion Day” is not just about fashion shows and the opportunity to purchase collections, but also a place for networking and business communication in the fashion industry. During the events, visitors can attend master classes and learn about the latest news from the world of fashion.

Attendance at the events is free, and guests can attend the shows by invitation from the designers or after registering on the website ofd.org.ua.

In 2016, a memorandum of strategic partnership was signed with ‘Ukrainian Fashion Week’, and from 2020, the project became a partner of the national television channel ‘Fashiontv Ukraine’.

“Odessa Fashion Day®” (OFD®), “Summer Weekend”, “Odessa Fashion Night” are registered trademarks in Ukraine.

Branding Services:


Creating a positive brand image, namely the overall impression in the minds of potential customers and associations, formed from all sources during any contact with the brand.


Conducting competitive research, promoting finished products and services through traditional offline and online marketing in order to attract potential customers.


Formation and proposal of ready-made project cases for brand presentation, as well as the development of individual projects together with the designer on an individual basis.


Organization of the fashion show and full support from the moment of preparation to the final publication of press materials in the media.

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