27th Season of Odessa Fashion Day: A Fashion Event Aimed at Revival and Motivation

On October 29th, in Odessa, the 27th season of Odessa Fashion Day took place, dedicated to revival and motivation. Despite all the challenges of wartime, the project team continued its mission to support Ukrainian designers and develop the fashion industry.

As always, this season the organizers created all the conditions for designers to assert themselves, showcase new collections to a wide audience, and win the favor of potential clients. Now, more than ever, support and assistance are needed for young designers.

“We continue to support designers in their desire to express their creativity, innovation, and talent. We offer them a platform for creativity and a place where they can share their stories through fashion and design,” says OFD founder Konstantin Leontiev — “We invite you to join us on this amazing journey, where each collection is a chapter in the story of fashion and self-expression.”

It is important to remember that each of us plays a vital role in creating the society we want to see. We can achieve more if we work together, support each other, and share our knowledge and experience.

“We are witnesses to our own history, and this history is created by each of us. Every life is a unique story, where each owns their own plotline. For designers, this is the role of a writer or poet, who conveys their thoughts, dreams, and desires through their collections. Each designer writes their own story, describing their trials and victories,” adds Andriy Karakushan.

Follow the news and updates of Odessa Fashion Day to learn more about the participating designers and events of this exciting season.

On October 29th, the cultural center “UNION” welcomed viewers, where designers from various corners of Ukraine showcased their collections on the main podium. This season, every fashion enthusiast attended shows of brands such as:
Pravda label
You own collection
Natali Malykh & Lady Forever Club
Be Art
Lady_S_atelier & Lady Forever Club
Maison Sophy G

Exclusive partner:
NASTENKO jewelry manufactory

Hosted by:

The organizing committee expresses special thanks to the project partners:
Make Me Up Studio and School 
Модельна агенція Totalite
Онлайн платформа Ukrainian Trend Store
AK Consult – Agency for website development

Season’s location:
Культурний центр «UNION»

And also to the media partners:
FashionTV Ukraine
Cool’baba – онлайн видання для українців в Європі
Glory magazine
Studio of My Dreams
Одеса Медіа

International partners:
Paris Fashion Academy
London Fashion Day 

About Odessa Fashion Day: Odessa Fashion Day is a leading event in the world of fashion in southern Ukraine, providing an opportunity for young and talented designers to showcase their collections and rise to new heights in the fashion industry.

Follow the season’s news on the project’s official online resources on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Photo: Вячеслав Котляренко
Photo: @movchan.julie

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